Help Raise Support for Emory Students!

One of the ways you can help strengthen the resources that allow Emory students to flourish is by serving as a 2O36 Giving Week Advancement Volunteer.  With an investment of just a few hours, you can join our collective cause to raise awareness and financial support so students can thrive at and beyond Emory. Emory will provide a digital toolkit, plus make it fun with special competitions (like winning thousands of dollars for the area of your choice)!

What do I need to do to be an Advancement Volunteer?

  • Sign up today! Nominated individuals will receive an email invitation, or enter your email in the "Become an Advancement Volunteer" box to get started.
  • Make a gift during 2O36 Giving Week (October 31 – November 4, 2022)! Using your personal referral link, direct your donation to what matters most to you.
  • Invite your network to join you in giving back! Send personal messages via email, text, or social media during 2O36 Giving Week. Use your Advancement Volunteer giving link track your progress. 
  • Share on social media with #2O36GivingWeek. Sample messages and graphics will be provided via a digital toolkit

Who should be an Advancement Volunteer?

Anyone can be an Advancement Volunteer! Just follow the steps above to join fellow faculty, staff, alumni, students and friends. Your commitment to the Emory community makes you an ideal partner to amplify this digital giving event and SUPPORT STUDENTS through scholarships, academic departments, and campus experiences. Your personal outreach is one of the most effective fundraising methods, which makes you one of the most important people in guiding others through the decision to make a gift.

Why should I be an Advancement Volunteer?

Just a few hours of your time can help raise funds for the areas of Emory that benefit students the most. PLUS new highlighted student programs, special daily themes, and challenges to earn additional funding will keep 2O36 Giving Week fun. Once you complete registration as a 2O36 Giving Week advancement volunteer, you will receive a personalized link to track who makes a gift. These gifts, counted through the 2O36 Giving Week platform, can earn you additional dollars for your favorite Emory area!

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