Department of Music

The Department of Music at Emory recognizes the many and varied manifestations of music, and hears in them a powerful means of understanding the human experience. The department provides a dynamic and ever-changing environment in which students, faculty, and the greater Atlanta community can encounter music through performance, creation, listening, reflection, and analysis. We offer a broad array of courses and experiences in which students make and study different kinds of music. We aspire to provide rich and deep encounters for all who are interested, appreciating that our different musical traditions and levels of expertise enrich those encounters. Through our collective activities, we affirm the capacity of musical expression to respond ethically and creatively to the world. We welcome all and are committed to mutual care and collaboration in our work.

Studying music at Emory offers opportunities for students to develop as performers, composers, and researchers. Over the last four years, our program has enjoyed significant increases in enrollment by those seeking credit for these diverse endeavors. We have observed that while the scope of students’ creative ambitions and projects has widened impressively over these last years, our resources to support their work have remained steady. Successful fundraising allows us to increase support for our students who have been successful in nationally visible fora including:

  • performances on HBO Max, with members of the Atlanta Symphony, NBA Live TV, with multi-platinum recording artist Ben Folds
  • praise in the New York Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • highly-competitive national awards: Fulbright, Beineke, and Shepard
  • major conference presentation including at the Society of American Music, the Society for Music Theory, and the Society for Ethnomusicology
  • publication in the Journal of Undergraduate Research in Music Journal.

The Impact of Your Gift

Time and time again, our graduating students cite their arts experience as having been key to their time at Emory. We plan to expand upon our already significant relationships with musicians of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra to make music at Emory an even more vital component of the Atlanta arts scene, with reciprocal benefits for our students, faculty, and the Atlanta community. We are also developing new Study Abroad initiatives, internships, and collaborations to offer our music students a colorful palette of culturally-rich experiences to draw upon during their time at Emory. Here are other ways a gift will make an immediate impact on students:

  • eliminate lesson fees for majors (currently $960 per semester), increasing access to the major and equity by reducing financial hardships
  • fund for helping alleviate costs of student research travel in US and abroad
  • guest lecturer funds artist/lecture series
  • funding for lessons scholarships
  • discretionary travel funding for students in various tracks engaged in research who are invited to participate or present at conferences or symposia
  • funding study abroad opportunities in music, including our new “Music in Italy” program launching in 2023
  • funding to support students in the preparation and presentation of their creative work (compositions, honors projects) on campus

Dooley’s Undergraduate Programs Challenge
Congratulations to the following funds who won the Dooley’s Undergraduate Programs Challenge. 1st place - $2000: Oxford College Scholarship, 2nd place - $1500: Emory College Scholarships, 3rd place - $1000: Oxford College Library, 4th place - $500: Student Well Being Fund
Rank Prize Undergrad Academic and Campus Programs Donors
1 $2,000 Oxford College Scholarship 50
2 $1,500 College of Arts and Sciences 21
3 $1,000 Oxford College Library 17
4 $500 Student Well-Being and Experience 16
5 School of Nursing 11
Top Donors - Departments, Centers, Programs, and Networks Leaderboard
Congratulations to the following 10 funds that won the Top Donors Leaderboard among departments, centers, programs, and networks! 1st place - $1800: Black Law Student Association, 2nd place - $1600: Youth Theological Initiative, 3rd place - $1400: Emory College Scholarships, 4th place - $1200: Volunteer Medical Interpretation Services, 5th place - $1000: Emory Crew, 6th place - $800: Student Well Being Fund, 7th place - $700: Young Democrats of Emory, 8th place - $600: Christian Life, 9th place - $500: Student Well Being Fund, 10th place - $400: Oxford College Library
Rank Prize Departments, Centers, Programs, and Networks Donors
1 $1,800 Emory Black Law Student Association 77
2 $1,600 Youth Theological Initiative 68
3 $1,400 College of Arts and Sciences 55
4 $1,200 Volunteer Medical Interpretation Services 51
5 $1,000 Club Sports 49
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