Department of Environmental Sciences

The Department of Environmental Sciences (ENVS) is comprised of faculty and students who are dedicated to teaching and research in service of addressing complex and dynamic interactions among people and their environment using both natural science and social science perspectives. 

Through interdisciplinary perspectives, and by integrating research, teaching, and service, our goal is to advance knowledge and prepare the next generation of scholars, researchers, practitioners and citizens. We strive to exert a significant positive impact on environmental facets of human health, ecosystem management, sustainable development, and biodiversity conservation, at local, regional and global scales.

The Impact of Your Gift

YOUR GIFT to the Department of Environmental Sciences helps support undergraduate and graduate students engaged in independent research with departmental faculty and student internship experiences. Student engagement on issues of ecology & conservation, climate change, ecological resiliency, sustainability, and disease ecology & global health is essential to fostering the intellectual capital required to address these pressing environmental issues.

Dooley’s Undergraduate Programs Challenge
Congratulations to the following funds who won the Dooley’s Undergraduate Programs Challenge. 1st place - $2000: Oxford College Scholarship, 2nd place - $1500: Emory College Scholarships, 3rd place - $1000: Oxford College Library, 4th place - $500: Student Well Being Fund
Rank Prize Undergrad Academic and Campus Programs Donors
1 $2,000 Oxford College Scholarship 50
2 $1,500 College of Arts and Sciences 21
3 $1,000 Oxford College Library 17
4 $500 Student Well-Being and Experience 16
5 School of Nursing 11
Top Donors - Departments, Centers, Programs, and Networks Leaderboard
Congratulations to the following 10 funds that won the Top Donors Leaderboard among departments, centers, programs, and networks! 1st place - $1800: Black Law Student Association, 2nd place - $1600: Youth Theological Initiative, 3rd place - $1400: Emory College Scholarships, 4th place - $1200: Volunteer Medical Interpretation Services, 5th place - $1000: Emory Crew, 6th place - $800: Student Well Being Fund, 7th place - $700: Young Democrats of Emory, 8th place - $600: Christian Life, 9th place - $500: Student Well Being Fund, 10th place - $400: Oxford College Library
Rank Prize Departments, Centers, Programs, and Networks Donors
1 $1,800 Emory Black Law Student Association 77
2 $1,600 Youth Theological Initiative 68
3 $1,400 College of Arts and Sciences 55
4 $1,200 Volunteer Medical Interpretation Services 51
5 $1,000 Club Sports 49
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