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Emory Law is committed to continuing to create an inclusive community that fosters empathy, service, and leadership.

Emory Law will continue to be a national and global leader in legal education by welcoming and supporting a diverse law school community, by carrying out path breaking and influential scholarship, and by offering exceptional teaching and practical learning opportunities.

Emory Law seeks to recruit ambitious, outstanding, and diverse students from across the nation who aspire to the level of excellence associated with Emory lawyers. By tripling the size of its endowments devoted to merit scholarships, needs-based financial aid, and other forms of student support, Emory Law will provide the nation’s top students access to exceptional legal education and prepare these future leaders for career success without financial hardship.

It is imperative that Emory Law be the gateway for professional success and service to society for students from a wide range of backgrounds and financial circumstances while also supporting long-term financial stability for the school.

For 2O36 Giving Week, we are highlighting scholarship support:

School of Law Scholarships Fund - To ensure that the best students come to Emory, we must offer competitive and compelling scholarships. By contributing to the endowed scholarship fund at Emory Law, you will provide enduring opportunities not just for a single student, but for entire generations.

Graduate Programs Challenge
Congratulations to the following funds that won the Graduate Programs Challenge. 1st place - $2000: Youth Theological Initiative , 2nd place - $1500: Master of Divinity Scholarship, 3rd place - $1000: Laney Graduate School Fund for Excellence, 4th place (tie) - $250 each: Rollins School of Public Health Scholarships -and- School of Medicine Alumni Scholarship Fund
Rank Prize Grad Programs Donors
1 $2,000 Youth Theological Initiative 21
2 $1,500 Master of Divinity Scholarship 15
3 $1,000 Laney Graduate School 8
4 $500 School of Medicine 5
5 Rollins School of Public Health Scholarships 5
Scholarship Challenge - Most Donors
Removing financial barriers through scholarships allows Emory to replace student loans in financial aid packages. As a top priority of the 2O36 campaign, scholarship support is at the core of helping students flourish. The top 5 school-based scholarship funds with the most donors by 1:00 p.m. EDT on November 4 will share $5,000 in bonus awards. Gifts must be made through the school participating group page to qualify.
Rank Prize Scholarship Funds Donors
1 $1,500 Oxford College Scholarship Fund 88
2 $1,250 Candler Master of Divinity Scholarship Fund 31
3 $1,000 Emory College Scholarships 30
4 $750 Nursing School Scholarship Fund 25
5 $500 Rollins School of Public Health Scholarships 18
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