Student Athlete Performance

Emory Athletics continues to stand atop of Division 3 as a preeminent athletics department because of our student-athletes. For 2036 Giving Week, we ask that you invest in the holistic student-athlete experience and support the funds that impact every athlete away from competition. By selecting a fund below, you will be committed to enhancing academic and professional development, rehab and recovery, and strength and conditioning.

The Impact of Your Gift

  • Your gift to the Emory Athletics Fund for Excellence helps support student athlete academic and professional success through Emory’s Eagle Edge program. Growing the Eagle Edge program will provide additional resources for career development, market readiness, and academic success.
  • Investing in Emory Strength and Conditioning allows student athletes the opportunity to expand their knowledge of performance and well-being, by expanding the resources that includes performance technology, equipment, staffing, and nutrition. 
  • Emory Sports Medicine plays an integral part in athletic performance. Making a gift to sports medicine expands the resources available for our athletic training staff, team physician, and clinical mental health provider.
Dooley’s Undergraduate Programs Challenge
Congratulations to the following funds who won the Dooley’s Undergraduate Programs Challenge. 1st place - $2000: Oxford College Scholarship, 2nd place - $1500: Emory College Scholarships, 3rd place - $1000: Oxford College Library, 4th place - $500: Student Well Being Fund
Rank Prize Undergrad Academic and Campus Programs Donors
1 $2,000 Oxford College Scholarship 50
2 $1,500 College of Arts and Sciences 21
3 $1,000 Oxford College Library 17
4 $500 Student Well-Being and Experience 16
5 School of Nursing 11
Top Donors - Departments, Centers, Programs, and Networks Leaderboard
Congratulations to the following 10 funds that won the Top Donors Leaderboard among departments, centers, programs, and networks! 1st place - $1800: Black Law Student Association, 2nd place - $1600: Youth Theological Initiative, 3rd place - $1400: Emory College Scholarships, 4th place - $1200: Volunteer Medical Interpretation Services, 5th place - $1000: Emory Crew, 6th place - $800: Student Well Being Fund, 7th place - $700: Young Democrats of Emory, 8th place - $600: Christian Life, 9th place - $500: Student Well Being Fund, 10th place - $400: Oxford College Library
Rank Prize Departments, Centers, Programs, and Networks Donors
1 $1,800 Emory Black Law Student Association 77
2 $1,600 Youth Theological Initiative 68
3 $1,400 College of Arts and Sciences 55
4 $1,200 Volunteer Medical Interpretation Services 51
5 $1,000 Club Sports 49
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