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Emory Gender Expansive and Women’s Ultimate

Emory Gender Expansive and Women’s Ultimate, known in short as EGEWU (pronounced ee-GOO!) is an inclusive Ultimate frisbee team centered around advancing our skill in the sport within an enthusiastic, supportive, familial community. Formerly known as Emory Women’s Ultimate, EGEWU has in recent years made gender inclusivity a central mission and prides itself in being a welcoming space for LGBTQ and trans athletes, the first of it’s kind at Emory. Our shift in philosophy from a competition-centered, women’s-only program prior to COVID, to our inclusive, low-pressure format has seen the program not only rebound, but grow profoundly in recent seasons.

As part of our mission to create an inclusive and welcoming environment, EGEWU does not require participants to pay dues. Thus, we take on all expenses associated with running successful practices and tournaments, from purchasing new equipment to serve our growing program, transportation to tournaments, tournament lodging, tournament registration fees, healthy snacks, and much more. In the 2022-2023 season, we hope to send both of our teams, Luna and Tuna, to 3 regular season tournaments around the Southeastern US, as well as our spring break tournament, High Tide, and the college championship series. As we aim to progress through the championship series’ sectionals and regionals to become a nationals-qualifying program, it is vital that we seize as many playing opportunities as possible throughout the season. With your support, we can attend these tournaments fully funded and continue to grow upon both our playing capabilities as a team and our community cohesivity.

Student Organizations Challenge
Congratulations to the following student orgs that won the Student Organizations Challenge. 1st place - $850: Volunteer Medical Interpretation Services, 2nd place - $700: Emory Black Law Student Association, 3rd place - $550: First-Generation Low Income Partnership, 4th place - $400: The Young Democrats of Emory, 5th place - $300: Women in STEM, 6th place - $200: Emory Club Tennis
Rank Prize Student Orgs Donors
1 $850 Volunteer Medical Interpretation Services 44
2 $700 Emory Black Law Student Association 38
3 $550 First-Generation Low Income Partnership 17
4 $400 The Young Democrats of Emory 15
5 $300 Women in STEM 5
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