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Faculty are the Heart of Emory University

Investing in Emory faculty and their research, scholarship, and publications will elevate students’ educational experiences, reinforcing Emory as a destination for future students and faculty.  

Everything Emory accomplishes—from world-altering research and artistic expression to the outstanding liberal arts education that has long defined our university—is powered by our professors. 

Making a gift to any of the funds listed below will not count in the Faculty Eminence and Research Excellence tally above because it will count in the total for its associated program area (i.e. Center for Ethics, Emory College, Rollins School of Public Health, etc.).

For Emory Day of Giving, we are highlighting several giving opportunities to support faculty eminence.

Emory is a Leading Research University

But what matters most are the numbers of lives saved, partnerships forged, and discoveries driven—around the globe.  

Research at Emory spans a multitude of disciplines. The fields, applications, and implications of Emory research are exhaustive and have the potential to touch all our lives. 


For Emory Day of Giving, we are highlighting the following giving opportunities to support research excellence across Emory. 

  • The Center for AIDS Research: Your gift supports efforts to identify, train, and mentor a new generation of excellent, diverse leaders who will work to end the HIV epidemic. 
  • Emory Vaccine Center: Your gift supports research leading to the development of effective vaccines against diseases of global importance such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Zika, and COVID-19. This work has also paved the way for discoveries now used in cancer immunotherapy treatments, organ transplants, and other diseases. 
  • Goizueta Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center: Your gift helps Emory improve the lives of people affected by Alzheimer's and related diseases through innovative research, education, and compassionate care. 
  • Sustainability Initiatives FundYour gift supports experiential paid internships for undergraduate and graduate students, fellowships for postgraduates researching climate solutions, social justice work, sustainability programs, and the Sustainability and Social Justice Incentives Fund, which provides financial support for anyone at Emory to lead their own sustainability research and programs. 
  • Winship Discovery Fund: Your gift supports research with the highest potential and most immediate need in the fight against cancer. 

Donor Engagement Center Student Challenge
Our top 3 Donor Engagement students and the areas they chose to receive $250 each are: Maddy who chose the Student Hardship Fund, Anna who chose 1915 Scholars Program, and Sanjay who chose the Goizueta Business School Fund for Excellence!
800th Donor Challenge (Winner: Emory College Fund for Excellence)
Congratulations to Caroline Stewart who was Emory Day of Giving's 800th donor! $500 additional will go to the Emory College Fund for Excellence!
800 / 800 Donors
2,036th Donor Challenge (Winner: Oxford College Scholarship Fund)
Congratulations to James Vinson who was Emory Day of Giving's 2,036th donor! $500 additional will go to the Oxford College Scholarship Fund!
2,036 / 2,036 Donors
Go Big! 3,400th Donor Challenge (Winner: Emory College Scholarships)
An anonymous donor was Emory Day of Giving's 3,400th donor! An additional $500 will go to Emory College Scholarships!
3,400 / 3,400 Donors
Alumni Networks: Most Gifts Leaderboard
Emory’s regional and affinity networks are challenging each other to a friendly Emory Day of Giving competition: the eight networks chosen most often by Emory alumni when making their gifts will share $5,000 in bonus awards! Go to dayofgiving.emory.edu, choose “alumni” as your affiliation on the checkout page, and choose one of the 60+ participating networks.
Boost your Emory Alumni Network on the Network Leaderboard!
Rank Answer Gifts
1 ATL 60+ Network 142
2 NYC Network 65
3 ATL Over 40 Network 61
4 ATL Alumnae and Women 56
5 ATL Caucus of Black Alumni 45
6 ATL Young Alumni Network 39
7 DC Network 23
8 Tampa Bay Network 21
9 Chicago Network 20
10 Los Angeles Network 20
11 Houston Network 19
12 Boston Network 19
13 Nashville Network 19
14 Dallas – Fort Worth Network 18
15 EAVN - Advancement Volunteer 13
16 Triangle Network 13
17 Baltimore Network 13
18 Charlotte Network 12
19 ATL Entrepreneur Network 11
20 Birmingham Network 11
21 Philadelphia Network 11
22 Miami Network 10
23 ATL LGBT+ Network 10
24 Alumni Veterans Network 10
25 San Francisco Bay Network 10
26 Tallahassee Network 10
27 Savannah Network 8
28 Alumni Environmental Network 8
29 ATL Muslim Alumni 8
30 Denver Network 7
31 Seattle Network 6
32 Palm Beach Network 6
33 Central Florida Network 6
34 Broward Network 6
35 ATL Creative Network 5
36 DC Caucus of Black Alumni 5
37 San Diego Network 5
38 ATL Real Estate Network 4
39 Central New Jersey Network 4
40 ATL Latinx Network 4
41 Portland Network 4
42 Phoenix Network 4
43 International Networks 4
44 NYC Korean Network 4
45 Miami Legal Network 4
46 Jacksonville Network 3
47 NYC Caucus of Black Alumni 2
48 DC Legal Network 2
49 St. Louis Network 2
50 DC Alumnae & Women Network 2
51 DC LGBT+ Network 2
52 Cincinnati Network 2
53 Charleston Network 1
54 Orange County Network 1
55 Richmond Network 1
56 DC AAPI Network 1
57 DC YoungAlum/Politics&Policy 1
58 DC 40+ In Your Neighborhood 1
59 DC Latinx Network 1
1,500th Donor Challenge (Winner: Women in STEM)
Congratulations to Cynthia Martinez who was Emory Day of Giving's 1,500th donor! $500 additional will go to the Women in STEM!
1,500 / 1,500 Donors
New Record: 2,800th Donor Challenge (Winner: Emory Alumni Board Leadership Scholarship Endowment)
Congratulations to Jule Taylor who was Emory Day of Giving's 2,800th donor! An additional $500 will go to the Emory Alumni Board Leadership Scholarship Endowment!
2,800 / 2,800 Donors
Alumni and Advisory Board Challenge
Congratulations to the following boards who each won $2,000 for the selected areas: •Most Participation - Oxford College Alumni Board selected Oxford Alumni Board Fund •Most Dollars - Emory Alumni Board selected the Emory Alumni Board Leadership Scholarship Endowment •Most Gifts - Emory Advancement Volunteer Network Chairs selected the Student Hardship Fund
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